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What we do for students

Dream is yours, but we are committed to help you all the way.We help our students to choose right University to study and guide you through all your enrolment process We have two offices with qualified staff, one in Bangladesh and another one is in the UK.From admission to airport pic up, our all services are free.

Assist you in locating the appropriate university

To choose the subject and course provider of your choice, you must conduct extensive research. As you are aware, universities offer a variety of course kinds and levels, including research programs, international foundation programs, international diploma programs, undergraduate programs, and postgraduate programs. Don't worry; our knowledgeable team will assist you in locating the appropriate programs and institutions in accordance with your future goals. Therefore, we urge you to schedule a free one to one counselling session for your admittance.

Appropriate programs and financial aid for international students

Before you consider filling out and submitting an application for a specific institute, overseas students should do extensive research on their potential course, its prerequisites, deadlines, and course expenses. Make sure you have the necessary information to apply now that you have thoroughly researched the course you are interested in. Course title, funding deadlines, and application deadlines the necessary supporting papers in pdf format, such as transcripts and a resume. Your academic referees' email addresses. Before applying, make sure you have their permission. Students are required to select at least three institutes and a subject before submitting their applications. Our team members will instruct our students on how to complete a scholarship application, and our partner institutes offer the opportunity for applicants who want to apply for an international scholarship. Additionally, because we represent numerous prestigious institutions and colleges throughout the world, acceptance enables us to offer the option of a course of study, associated costs, location, etc. Our students can complete the relevant admission & visa procedures information by using an online portal thanks to the internet services we offer them.

VISA process and Help

Our visa application team will assist you for free. The country you are applying from and the location where your visa application will be processed will determine how you apply. How to apply is described in the parts that follow, both from within and outside of the UK. If you need our assistance, please schedule a meeting with one of our knowledgeable team members, who will walk you through the most recent UKVI visa application requirements. VISA ADVICE You must apply for a Tier 4 student visa in order to study in the UK once you have fulfilled all the conditions and your application has been accepted by the university. Although it may be a difficult process, you don't need to worry because we will be right there by your side. Until you make a decision, our specialists will steer you in the right direction.